Managing Aircraft Noise

Brisbane Airport has the largest noise buffer zone of any capital city airport in Australia, with the nearest residence 6.7km away.

Imposing a curfew on Brisbane Airport would not solve most of the night-time aircraft noise impacts. It would actually worsen noise impacts by forcing an increased number of flights to operate during the peak periods before and after curfew hours.

Noise complaints data suggests that abatement measures are reducing the impacts of aircraft noise.

Extensive noise monitoring and abatement measures are in place at Brisbane Airport, and managing aircraft noise is a responsibility shared by BAC, airlines, and a number of government agencies.

Noise abatement measures are researched, planned, and implemented to balance the needs for the safe operation of a growing airport, and protecting residents from the worst impacts of aircraft noise.

Restrictions on 24-hour operations at Brisbane Airport would increase – not reduce – aircraft noise impacts and contribute to flight delays.

Don't curfew BNE.

Brisbane Airport noise buffer zone

Brisbane Airport noise buffer zone

Drawing a straight line from the end of the main runway, the nearest residence is around 6.7km away. Using the same straight line approach the distance from the end of the new parallel runway to the nearest residence is around 6km.

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Did you know?

  • More than 80% of flights between 10pm and 6am arrive and depart over Moreton Bay
  • In June 2013, Brisbane Airport recorded almost 18,000 aircraft movements and only 99 noise complaints.

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